Friday, June 24, 2011

Best Practice Book Review: Pivotal response treatments for autism: Communication, social, and academic development.

This comprehensive text describes intervention strategies and outcome data related to Pivotal Response Treatments (PRT) for autism. The PRT approach focuses on normalizing child development for children with autism via a delivery model that uses both a developmental approach and applied behavior analysis (ABA). It has demonstrated empirical support in the literature. The chapters are well written and cover a range of topics related to interventions in the general education classroom, parent education programs, communication, social development, and strategies for addressing disruptive behavior. Case examples are also included. The chapter on combining functional assessment and self-management procedures to reduce disruptive behavior should appeal to school-based professionals such as school psychologists, special educators, and other support personnel. Overall, the text succeeds in describing an integrated and comprehensive approach to the treatment of autism. Those without experience or background in autism related research and practice might find some portions of the text to be a challenging read.

Koegel, R. L., & Koegel, L. K. (2006). Pivotal response treatments for autism: Communication, social, and academic development. Baltimore, MD: Paul H. Brookes Publishing.

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